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Rcoin International LTD has a supply of 5 billion rcoins
4 billion are reserved.
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Rcoin USA total supply 107 billion at $2.10
9.2 billion pre-mined at a minimum of $2.10 as of August 1st 2017. Then the coin make grow up to $10 during the next two years Then only 1 to 5 million coins will be trading during 2017. And 5 to 10 million coins will be trading during 2018.
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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular crypto currency, which opens up a lot of previously inaccessible opportunities. Its main feature is the complete anonymity of transactions. In addition, the storage of funds in bitcoins can be completely "off-line", that is, exclusively safe.

Acquisition of Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly convenient way to save savings, and with the increase in the rate - the opportunity to make good money.

More recently, the purchase of bitcoin was rather difficult and risky business, as it could be a limited order and the anonymity of the network made possible the possibility of impunity fraud. Everything has changed with the appearance of proven exchange services, which make it possible to buy or sell any amount of crypto currency without difficulty and without risk.

You need to buy the Bitcoin, for which you can buy Rcoin, Rcoin USA for work with this crypto currency. It is very convenient to use exchangers, BTC Bank, and others for buying Bitcoin.

How to buy bitcoins through the exchanger of,

For purchase Bitcoin it is very convenient to use the monitoring of exchangers, where you can choose a more favorable exchange rate. To do this, go to the website

1. On the website on the main page in the left column, choose which currency you want to give and what currency to receive (for example, you change Yandex money to bitcoin)

2. In the central table, highlighted in white, in the first column, click on the name is beneficial to us exchanger, and automatically get to the site of this exchange.

3. In the window that opens, enter your requisites and exchange.

To get more information, you can watch the video "How to work with monitoring and choose the best course", here

How to buy bitcoins on btcBank?

In order to buy bitcoins on btcBank, you need to register bitcoin wallet btcBank:

1. On the main page, click on the "Bitcoin Wallet" at the top of the page

2. On the page that opens, we press the button "Registration"

3. Fill out the registration form, get acquainted with it and agree with the User Agreement and click on the button "Register"

4. In the homepage of the User's Personal Cabinet that opens, in a special form, you need to enter the SMS-code that came to your phone in a phone message (sms) to confirm your registration and activate the input / output functions of the funds.

You need carefully read the principles and rules of service work with the purpose of preventing and eliminating misunderstandings. In case of difficulties in the work, you must apply to the Service Application at any convenient time.

After your bitcoin btcBank wallet is successfully registered on the btcBank, we can buy the bitcoins:

1. There is a form for quick exchange on the main page of the website, in which you need to enter the amount, on which you plan to purchase the crypto currency. In the next field there will be an amount in bitcoins, which will be credited onto your account.

2. After clicking to the button of "Exchange to BTC" , you will go to the account refill page in the User's Personal Area. Here you need to agree with the amount that will be billed through Merchant of the Privat 24. If you leave the flag "Automatically buy bitcoins for the whole amount of replenishment in UAH", then after crediting the amounts in UAH, the bitcoins will be bought for the whole amount of replenishment. In the case of removing the checkmark - the funds will be credited to the hryvnia balance of the service and will be available for further manual exchange.

The material from the website was used for the article "How to buy bitcoins on btcBank?"

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