The Bitwhiz, LTD Traning and Marketing Company is one of the Projects funded by the Bitcoin Crypto Fund, LTD Company.

Bitrwhiz was created by many partners and sales leaders with over 100 years of Combined skills and experience. The Bitwhiz partners are from the countries of America, India, China, Ukraine, Russia and others.

Bitwhiz plans to Provide Internet tranings, webinars, skype tranings and offline tranings to thousands of people during 2017 and tens of thousands of people during 2018.

Bitwhiz provides tranings about earning money on the Internet, bitcoin, crypto cyrrency, invested stocks, crypto currency investmend fund, trening on the internet markets, sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, working from home, home based bussines, legal and accorting information, mining of bitcoin and other crypto curencies, positsive thinking, success development and other personal development skills.

During 2018 Bitwhiz plans to develop it's own crypto currency at $1.00 per coin and it's own online exchange and Bitwhiz online crypto Bank.

The Bitwhiz company is Active looking for Pertners, leaders and sales Leaders in each city.

For more information email us at